Daddy, He Wrote


Книга "Daddy, He Wrote"

Авторы: Jill Limber

Издатель: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9781474010405

From Bestseller to…Best Father?Journal Entry No. 1: I bought Blacksmith Farm to find peace and quiet to write my next bestseller–not to spend it with a fetching widow caretaker and her baby! This blizzard has us stuck together like one big, happy family. I'll be lucky if I survive the first night.Journal Entry No. 8: I can't believe I, sophisticated city slicker Ian Miller, am enjoying this simple country life. Granted, Trish Ryan is easy on the eyes and her gentle spirit has inspired my best work. But for one electrifying moment she even had me considering a new chapter in my life–that of loving husband and father. If I don't finish this book soon, I could lose my mind–and heart–for good!




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